Troy was recommended to me by colleagues in 2007 after I had a knee replacement and my recovery was both slow and painful. I was not in the appropriate frame of mood to put myself under the direction of anyone, let alone a Paralympian who was so cheerfully confident that with a lot of work I would again walk freely and without pain.

I reluctantly agreed to attend a few sessions with Troy.

I am still attending sessions with Troy twice a week. My knee is virtually back to its old self. I am fitter than I have been since University days (a long time ago). My staff tell me I am less grumpy than I was when I was in constant pain.

I appreciate Troy's skills, professionalism - and tolerance when his clients do grumble.

I have recommended others to seek Troy's assistance both for rehabilitation work and for general fitness. I will continue to do so without qualification.

January 2009

Philip Selth OAM January 2009