Having enjoyed good health and active fitness for the first 28 years of my life, I was completely shocked to find myself flat on my back and unable to walk for 3 weeks courtesy of protruding discs in my lower back. In the 24months which followed, I was gradually able to return to a reasonable degree of fitness, but had lost all trust in my body to withstand the fitness challenges it had previously enjoyed. I had continued my weekly boxing sessions with Troy Sachs during my recovery period, but it wasn't until he pointed out to me that I was letting my mind control my physical output that I realised I needed to increase my mental toughness as well as my physical strength. It was Troy's unique insight which motivated me to commence training with Team Sachs on a one to one basis, and I have not looked back since.

Troy was very careful in understanding my physical strengthening needs (core, core, and more core) as well as understanding the strong fear I had of re - injury. He devoted time and energy to designing a 6 day training program which accommodates my busy professional schedule and which features activities I both enjoy and find challenging. Troy reassesses my program regularly and encourages me to trust my own strength and to push myself past the limits of my fear of re injury. There is no doubt that Troy's 17 year history as an Olympic athlete - together with his exercise therapy studies in the US and Australia and his fitness industry certifications - enables him to speak with the knowledge and experience with which few other exercise therapists or personal trainers can compare. I have learnt a lot from Troy in terms of rehabilitation, prehabilitation" (or prevention), nutrition and developing and maintaining peak fitness.

In the 5months I have trained with Team Sachs I have competed in and completed a half marathon and a 6 hour adventure race (off road running, mountain biking, kayaking) and my general fitness and weight lifting strength have surpasses my pre injury levels. I have recommended, and will continue to recommend Team Sachs and Troy Sachs personally to those who want to be at their best physically and mentally

Karen Ingram Senior Associate Litigation & Dispute Resolution Claton Utz January 2009